The cinematography is the science or art of motion-picture photography by recording light or other electromagnetic radiation, either electronically by means of an image sensor, or chemically by means of a light-sensitive material such as film stock.

In this course, you will learn to gain control of exposure and understand fundamentals of composition, while exploring documentary and creative concepts to make the kinds of photographs you have always wanted. This Specialization covers a broad range of fundamental principles in photography, from camera control to principles of composition and creativity, providing you with a foundation for growth in making photographs you’ll be proud to share.

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About Course

The curriculum is designed to immerse prospective cinematographers in all aspects of the discipline. This course is designed to teach you the ins and outs of professional cinematography – the art of making motion picturesWhile there are plenty of video courses, it’s hard to find a comprehensive course that teaches you everything you’d want to know about shooting video.

Start Date

Course Starts 25th September 2017

Motion Graphics

  • Learn the basics of getting great shots with any camera
  • Use the manual settings on your camera to expose your shot properly
  • Learn how to use camera movement to get more impressive shots
  • Light your video sets with traditional filmmaking techniques and lighting setups
  • Become a professional director of photography (cinematographer) with tips on how to find work in the video/film industry
  • Make money shooting videos

This means students will work at an accelerated rate, with maximum commitment, as they develop new skills and create a body of work.

Course Outline

This course will challenge the student to better their skills at lighting using the high-end professional digital cameras. Through a series of hands-on demonstrations, in-class lectures, and the practical and personal experiences of lighting assignments, the student will gain a strong working knowledge of the variables in controlling the exposure, contrast ratios, and specific looks of images created with a camera in a studio setting. The student will also learn advanced knowledge of a variety of cameras, of lighting techniques, and support equipment.

The emphasis is on the concepts needed to control the quality of images created, including such techniques as varying the frame rate, shutter speed, exposure, camera filters and color temperature. Students shoot weekly in-class exercises that are screened in subsequent sessions. This course provides the student with the skills needed to reproduce various lighting conditions and create different moods

New Media is a wide terrain and one that could be a large part of a student’s future in entertainment. Students will create and produce dynamic program content that crosses multiple genres and can be launched on many different platforms – from the web to DVDs to streaming media. You will conceive, produce and post concepts such as “Behind the Scenes” shorts, and shorts for cellular launch, iTunes, downloadable content, and other media. Some emphasis is placed on marketing tools, one of the hottest new media genres.

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