Makeup & Gele tying

Makeup & Gele tying

Get your hands busy and ready for a good income and a very useful skill, with Makeup and Gele Tying training. Being a Makeup artist requires much more skill than just knowing how to apply makeup. This training provides a platform for the student to acquire skills it takes to stand out from the regular and become a standout. The training suits anyone who is looking to develop or update their makeup & gele tying skills

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About Course

Makeup & Gele Tying you will learn invaluable skills that can be applied both in your personal life, as well as professionally. These courses are intended for professionals in the beauty and entertainment sectors or anyone else seeking to learn the principals of makeup or perfect their skills in an area.
You are further taught on different options for eye brow grooming, foundation shades/tones, skin care analysis, how to prepare the skin for makeup application. Students will also learn looks ranging from nude, day to day and bridal makeup.

Start Date

Course Starts 25th September 2017

Motion Graphics

This is an introductory stage in makeup training. This is the first choice in the right direction for building a career in makeup artistry. It is designed to meet the need of a starter and an experienced artist. Here students are introduced to a facial structure which enables them to know the features on the face to be worked on and tools necessary for the trade.

Course Outline

  • Identify skin type,
  • Identify your shade,
  • Priming the face – choose foundation, concealer, powder
  • Bronzer and blush
  • How to apply
    • Shadows
    • Liquid eyeliner
    • Mascara
  • The lips
    • Priming the lips
    • Applying lip pencil
    • Blending
    • Applying lipstick and lip gloss
  • Corrective Makeup (Anti-Ageing, Shading & Highlighting)
  • Airbrushing for Bridal Makeup
  • The Art of Contour (Face, Lips & Eyes)
  • Advance Head Gear Classes (Double)
  • Preparing your portfolio/Marketing your Career
  • Ethics of the trade
  • Customer Service/Relation

Looking for a First-Class Skill on Makeup & Gele tying?