Imperial Educational Services has been involved in various research studies and proposals. We deliver independent, objective, and scientifically rigorous research and development, services to support projects around Africa. With renowned experts, we apply our capabilities across key practice areas that intersect with the needs of our clients—including government agencies, academia, foundations, global NGOs, and commercial companies. We are committed to the highest standards of scientific integrity, impartiality, and objectivity.

Educational Research in Nigeria

Food Security and Agriculture

We are helping build a body of evidence to inform best practices in many fields. We apply our knowledge of behavioral responses, environmental science, agriculture, and interconnected markets to lead research projects that aim to improve all aspects of the food system. We are deeply involved in the multiple dimensions of food safety, helping prevent foodborne illnesses throughout the worldwide food supply chain. And we support the development of sustainable agriculture as an economic engine, an environmentally sound enterprise, and an essential contributor to human health and welfare.

Educational Research Company in Nigeria

Education Growth and Development.

We deliver more than data, translating complex statistics into easily understandable narratives. Our technical assistance helps clients better understand the impact of public and private policies and programs on education, we specialize in communicating research results for a broad audience through diverse channels and innovative modes of presentation. We have the technical expertise to develop highly useful tools for domestic or international surveys, data collection and management, and online analysis and business intelligence.

Educational Research Company in Nigeria

Medical Research.

Clients in government, academia, and the private sector rely on our research to inform and transform interactions with and use of health care systems in Africa. We blend an innovative spirit with a focus on high-quality methodologies to advance diagnosis and treatment of disease, alleviate health disparities, and improve well-being across populations. We allow researchers to attend scientific conferences where in-person collaboration can often lead to scientific breakthroughs

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