Skills Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Training in Nigeria

Unemployment has eaten deep into the fabric of Nigeria thereby encouraging youths to roam the streets aimlessly becoming the search engines of their experiences. It is on this premise that this blog on skill acquisition in vocational education comes to play. One cannot over emphasize the noise about skills acquisition around the corners of the country, due to the humongous parades of different skill acquisition centers all over the country with all skill sets designed to enable one to develop their individual human capacity. We have always neglected this simple solution to Employment freedom and yet still beckon upon the Government to create job opportunities.

The National Policy on Education (2004) conceptualized the vocational education as a comprehensive term referring to those aspects of the educational processes evolving, in addition to general education, the study of technologies and related sciences and the acquisition of practical skills, attitudes, understanding and knowledge relating to occupations in various sectors of economic and social life.
With the move to a more knowledge based economy, it is widely thought that there is an increasing demand for high-calibre managerial talent. However, a focus on obtaining skills to gain good employment has led to an oversupply of graduates and a larger number of contenders chasing the same top jobs.
Brown and Hesketh argued that there is a clear mismatch between individuals‟ expectations of employability and the realities posed by the labor market. Under these conditions, students will use a number of tactics in the labor market to maintain competitive advantage, still, a quick as most majorities pose to be and become vulnerable to being unemployed when their incompetence or productivity is exposed.

The changing nature of the world of work over the decade has confirmed the prominent role that vocational and skill educational acquisition play in the preparation of skilled workers for the opportunities and challenges of entry into the work place or even creating the work place. Developmental changes in the workplace over time have made the task of vocational and skill institutions in keeping up with developing employability skills and preparing skilled workers for the world of work, making it increasingly difficult and challenging. To this end, it is essential that vocational and skill institutions place greater emphasis on skill acquisition as this would go a long way in preparing recipients thoroughly for the tasks ahead and the world of work at large. People should be encouraged to crop or learn a craft from their teenage age through adulthood, not for making a living alone but also to create a means of backup for human sustenance and personal development through skill sets. No matter the work background you find yourself, be it in the Government parastatals, private cooperation, and greater multi nationals, a skill acquired is always a skill required.

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