Company overview

IMPERIAL EDUCATIONAL SERVICES SKILL ACQUISITION is a company registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) of Nigeria, offering a unique array of integrated Onsight vocational & skill acquisition training services through the human capacity building.
Our key competence as an indigenous company is our dynamic duty to providing world-class products and services that will create the most efficient systems that will enable our client to make self-sufficient growth through entrepreneurial development. As a customer centered organization, we are clearly different from the rivals in ways which have positioned us to be the value over profit facilitators.
We also offer Training and Consulting Services based on our business solution, our training programs are directed towards creating empowerment to individuals mostly youths and strengthening organization’s capacity to deliver prompt and efficient products and services.
Since inception, this scheme has experienced phenomenal growth on accounts of the quality of its goods and services, its focus on value, cost, and efficiency of its human capital building. Today, IMPERIAL EDUCATIONAL SERVICES are a vastly growing company poised to reach new heights, in every endeavor by providing innovative solutions.

Our services are tailor-made and are delivered on time and within budget to meet our client’s specific need. We are competent, committed, competitive and within reach. Get familiar with your one stop shop for skill and vocational services.

Our mission

  • Education must not be limited to that which can be gained in only a formal classroom
  • The preponderance of a Skill acquisition and Entrepreneurship training cannot be overstated.
  • Imperial Educational Services which aims to provide Skill training in hands-on tutoring sessions.
  • To provide the missing practical workplace, skill, and training that will equip graduates to be self-reliant, self-employed and become employers of labour.

How we work

Our trainings are designed to provide a platform to train and educate individuals on skills that can help create wealth, taking into cognisance the broad framework of the UNDP’s Millenium Development Goals (MDG’s) – e.g. eradication of poverty.Participants will be trained to foster better-informed skill acquisition and produce more creative and well-thought-out services that result in better offerings to the consumer. Our skills acquisition and empowerment training is built on an active, experimental and practical learning sessions. We train people on different skills of their choices.

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